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For anyone living in a condo or house, you know that freeing up any extra space is a big deal. But did you know that investing in a wall bed is a good way to do it? Because of their unique design, wall beds can provide quite a bit of extra living space. They’re also both practical and fashionable, which makes redesigning your condo/studio apartment or house with a wall bed a great idea! Apart from being stylish and fashionable, wall beds are also very functional. Consider the practicality of putting a wall bed in your condo/studio apartment or house/office. You’ll have extra living space, or if you have a one bedroom apartment, you’ll never have to worry about where to put your overnight guests. Wall beds are easy to install and 'standalone'. People living in condo's or studio apartments commonly face small living quarters. With condo/studio apartments gaining in popularity (together with that office in your home) more and more people are going to be looking to wall beds as a space-saving solution.

Professional Service - European Style

We can arrange for a cabinet maker to come to your home and advise you as to what type of furniture would best suit you whilst taking into account the existing furniture and wood/finish. Wall beds's are a great addition to any home, but with a condo/studio apartment, you’ll notice even more how well it fits. You’ll be very pleased with how much space you’re saving, and how awesome that wall bed cabinet looks in your apartment/home. Wall beds can be both functional and fashionable, and are sure to make your condo or house feel even more like home. The Wall Beds are designed to be used every day and last a lifetime together with a firm bed 'base' using 'off the shelf' mattress's. We also manufacture Bespoke Furniture and Kitchens and are able to assist you in there design.

Construction - European Standards

Cabinetry and professional electrical installations with gauranteed Earth connections and Electrical Circuit Breakers. No hidden costs. Photos

Transform Kitchens - European Standards

Update your kitchen by replacing/renovating the existing door panels etc. Kitchen Photos

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